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Priest’s Pondering

Sometimes the captain of a ship will give the order, "Full stop!" It is a very simple command telling the crew to shut off the propellers (screws) so that the vessel no longer is generating propulsion. However, it can take some time for the ship to come to a complete stop because of its size and momentum, especially as it is traversing the sea. It's not like our cars where we can hit the brakes and stop fairly quickly. Some massive ships take 30 minutes before they come to a complete halt.

As we come to the summer in the church so an order of "Full Stop" is not necessarily given, but we do slow down. It is called Ordinary Time in the church calendar, and we don't have any significant religious celebrations or events that will be occurring, other than fellowship activities. Like a ship with the propulsion disabled, so we shall drift with the currents for the next few months. I

n our spiritual exercises it's important sometimes just to allow our minds to coast. We are bombarded with thoughts and activity from so many directions. There is so much to ponder and consider. Sometimes we need to give ourselves the command of a Full Stop. Even when we're drifting, we're still moving, just at a slower pace........ and with a better sense of peace and perspective possibly.

If commanding yourself to a Full Stop does not work, then an equally effective tool is telling yourself to Shut Up. Here's to a nice summer drift for all of us!


Forward Day by Day Daily Meditation

Forward Movement, a ministry of the Episcopal Church, grew out of the determination of the General Convention in 1934 to counter a period of anxiety, distrust, and decline in the Episcopal Church with a "forward movement" charged to "reinvigorate the life of the church and to rehabilitate its general, diocesan, and parochial work." Daily meditation is available online by clicking HERE.

Weekly Meditation

Strange as it may seem, ET and Jesus have a lot in common. He comes from heaven (outer space), has the power to heal people, reveals that the heart, especially love, is important, and then he ascends back into heaven after being raised from the dead. He also has supernatural powers in that he can make bicycles fly!

Everyone ET encounters is transformed and overwhelmed by the experience. One of the characters reveals that he has been awaiting ET's arrival for the duration of his life (just like the Jewish people in the Old Testament). ET is truly a Messianic figure.

I found myself choking up at various scenes in the movie, though I don't recall doing such when I was younger. Even though it's exactly the same story I watched in 1982, it has a different meaning for me today....

..... just as the gospel story has different significance for me in the seasons of my life.

With most popular movies, a sequel, prequel, or remake of the movie usually occurs. I'm surprised that has not occurred with ET.

Perhaps such isn't necessary, because we hear the story throughout the year, and we have experienced the real thing.